Anchor House works collaboratively with other seafarer centers around the globe and is an active member of the North American Maritime Ministry Association.  Anchor House is also an active member of Port Ministries International.  Trish Alligood, our General Manager/Chaplain serves on this board.

Seafarers’ missions are very aware of the value of working together to meet seafarer’s needs, because the time they are in port is often very short and the needs are frequently serious.  So, maintaining communication and collaboration with other port chaplains/centers is primary.

 See us in Action…Anchor House Helps Abandoned Ship:

Anchor House staff and volunteers minister to the crew of the Rio Magdalena which is stranded at Port Manatee. News Channel 8 Tampa highlighted Anchor House ministry in their news video.


Anchor House will be celebrating its 20-year anniversary in 2013.  In 1989, a former sea captain from Bradenton had a vision to establish  a mission to seafarers here at Port Manatee.  The first chaplain was hired in 1992 to begin the work of forming an organized mission. By 1993 we received our incorporation papers and became a 501-C3 non-profit organization.

Solid groundwork provided the opportunity in 1993 when Anchor House received a grant from the ITF for $168,898.  These funds provided for the renovation of a section of an old warehouse into a seafarers’ center, the purchase of office equipment, recreational equipment, tables and chairs, and a phone system to make and track the calls around the world.  This was a blessing for us in our infant stage. Anchor House has served thousands of seafarers since then, meeting their needs whatever they may be ranging from used clothes to legal advocacy support.